Book Cover Designs for Margaret Atwood’s novel SURFACING (1972)

Design 1

0. joannalayla_surfacing_bookcover_mockup_2

3. joannalayla_bookcover_surfacing_bookmockup_3

3. joannalayla_bookcover_surfacing_bookmockup_2

3. joannalayla_bookcover_surfacing_bookmockup_1

Design 2


0. joannalayla_surfacing_bookcover_mockup_3

2. joannalayla_bookcover_front_surfacing_mockup_1_clean

Design 3

0. joannalayla_surfacing_bookcover_mockup_1

3. joannalayla_surfacing_bookmockup_2

Design 4

1. joannalayla_surfacing_bookmockup_3

Design 5

5. joannalayla_bookcover_surfacing_2

0. joannalayla_surfacing_bookcover_mockup_4

Ideas of Surfacing

I was inspired by the novel to play with the idea of drawing as a means of surfacing. The lead character of the novel is an illustrator and she adopts the word ‘surface’ as a multi-layered symbol throughout the book. The following series of etchings play with the idea of the drawn surface.





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