E S T A T E    O F    M I N D    –    P R I N T    S E R I E S

A new series of large works documenting moving to and renovating a 1970 flat on a South London estate – a personal project finding inspiration in the process and the meeting of 1970 and contemporary aesthetics. A series of 12 works coming soon.

The first four print designs in the series are now available to buy here





‘Weight of History’


‘House Plant’


‘Pas de deux’


Postcard Designs





W I N T E R    S H O P

C H R I S T M A S   C A R D S

I have four new Christmas Card designs for 2017: Green Fir, Red Spruce, Colour block tree and Colour block candles (all below).

The cards are all printed on beautiful card stock and each comes with a fern green envelope.

Each card costs £2.00 or 6 for £10.00 + p&p

Please email to order cards directly.

SQUARE CARD DESIGNSjoannalayla_christmas_redspruce_2_2

‘Green Fir’


‘Red Spruce’


C O L O U R    B L O C K    C H R I S T M A S   C A R D S

0. joannalayla_christmas_colourblock_tree


0. joannalayla_christmas_colourblock_candles


J A C K    R A B B I T   C A R D   S E R I E S

joannalayla christmas rabbit tree

joannalayla christmas rabbit star

joannalayla christmas rabbit family tree
















































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