3. joannalayla_prizeforillustration_1


My illustration has been shortlisted for this year’s Prize for Illustration 2017 at the London Transport Museum with the Association of Illustrators.

The design I entered was an ode to the grand organ of urbanity, London. I wanted to visualise the way it feels to sit and draw London engulfed by sound. Bridges, pipes, pedals and keys reverberating to the tune of human conductors, as layers of acoustic structures sing the song of a city ever-evolving.

The piece is inspired by my reportage illustrations documenting London.

The title to the piece is taken from this verse:

The Organ―grandest instrument the hand
Of man has placed in Music’s galaxy;
In which all Nature’s wondrous sounds are linked
In golden chains of countless harmonies.
Responsive to the touch of man’s weak hands
As if a giant’s fingers swept its keys
And called concordant voices from the depths,
The diapason of the storm-struck sea,
The thunder’s peal, the wind’s wild whistling wail,
The songs of swift-winged warblers in the air,
And the soft sighing of the ambient breeze
Temple of Tone art thou! The shrine supreme
Of Sound’s mysterious powers and richest gifts,
God-given thought alone could have inspired
The human mind to frame so grand a work;
Great Organ―Monarch of all Instruments!
– George Ashdown Audsley

‘Sounds of the City’ the exhibition opens on 19th May 2017 at the London Transport Museum.


Initial Sketches

1. joannalayla_prizeforillustration_sketch2




Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 15.29.05

‘Organ Builders’





The Illustration

The illustration is 420 x 594 mm

1. joannalayla_prizeforillustration_detail1


2. joannalayla_prizeforillustration_londontransport_photo_2

2. joannalayla_prizeforillustration_londontransport_photo_1

joannalayla_prizeforillustration2017_As if a Giant's Fingers Swept its Keys_A3

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