Elbow Room, Volume 17 (September 2017)



Editorial Illustration for Elbow Room Volume 17, 5th Birthday Edition

AD Rosie Sherwood, As Yet Untitled Publishing

Elbow Room is an on-going series of art journals and live events celebrating art in all guises. Each volume of Elbow Room is individually curated to create a cohesive collection that includes written and visual arts. Elbow Room is sold online, in specialist bookshops and at artists’ book fairs across the country. Elbow Room is housed in multiple special collections including The Poetry Library at London’s Southbank Centre and The Scotland National Gallery.


Elbow Room, Volume 17

Editorial Sequence – ‘Something Like Palaces’

Reaching beyond the simplicity of the single editorial image to a mixed media series that explores the idea of inequality – both local and global – through gesture. The play of hands questioning the unequal paradigm of give and take.

1. joannalayla_something like palaces


2. joannalayla_something like palaces_give and take

3. joannalayla_something like palaces_disparity


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