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For a month running from mid-August to mid-September, I am working as Designer and Illustrator on A MATTER OF MIND | AMoM – A Cardboard Citizens x Wellcome Trust Multi-media production.

An exploration of the teenage brain, its development, the pressures placed upon it and the impact of mindfulness.

For each day of the project I am keeping a daily blog of the design process. The sketchbook as an extension of the mind.

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This page is a work in progress.


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joannalayla sherryDay 1:


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AMoM /// A Matter of Mind

Day 1: My first day as designer on the set of the Wellcome Trust funded multi-media project by theatre company Cardboard Citizens ‘A Matter of Mind’. An exploration of the teenage brain, its development, the pressures placed upon it and the impact of mindfulness.

Five actors, five white chairs.

Blown away by how the seemingly simplest objects become tools/visual signifiers for complex metaphors.

joannalayla chairs sketchbook

joannalayla chairs photo



Day 8: following the journey of Samira’s brain through the script… and it begins with the neurons….

a tentacled mass of neuron seaweed

#AMatterofMind #brain #theatre #illustration #teenage


joannalayla samira's brain v.1



Two weeks into A Matter of Mind | AMoM and my brain feels like the most precious commodity. As a runner I am daily aware of my knees, my ankles, my heart, my legs, my shoulders, my lungs, my veins, my arms but weirdly take my head for-granted. But really its my head I run for.

Two weeks into AMoM and my perspective has changed. The human brain is the most beautiful, weird, wonderful, magical thing.

Just learning about the brain and drawing the brain, my own brain is making new connections, new pathways to accelerate this learning.

As Designer I am watching the journey of the lead character’s brain through the piece and telling a visual story through the brain’s activity. Telling the story of Ali Taylor’s beautiful script through the brain itself.

Creating illustrations of the brain for a multi-media set design.

#illustration #amatterofmind #neuroscience #teenager #brain #theatre #design


Day 13: Developing a design aesthetic for the brain illustrations…

joannalayla brain inverse + quink 1

Day 14: What is going on inside the teenage brain?

A Matter of Mind is an incredible play and project by Cardboard Citizens exploring the complex and plastic nature of the teenage brain as it rapidly develops.

#amatterofmind #illustration #design #brain #neuroscience #theatre #mindfulness #cardboardcitizens


joannalayla brain perspective 1

joannalayla brain amygdala 2

joannalayla brain dopamine mockup v.4

joannalayla brain PTSD memory mockup v.4


joannalayla brain warning symbol 2

joannalayla amygdala 1

joannalayla amygdala 3

joannalayla amygdala 6

joannalayla design 10










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